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Welcome to our Seller's Services page where we outline for you what you can expect when listing your property with Colorado Mountain

Colorado Mountain is a privately owned company whose purpose is to market quality southern Colorado mountain acreage, cabins, mountain homes, and ranches. We are NOT your typical "small town real estate broker. We are however, a team of experienced brokers and support staff, committed to giving our customers (both sellers as well as purchasers) the best professional service in the area. We are also firm believers in networking our efforts with those of like mind, hearts, and integrity.

Colorado Mountain was one of the first companies in the State of Colorado to register its trade name the same as its domain name. This allows anyone, anywhere in the world that sees a sign, business card, advertisement, etc. to instantly know where to go on the World Wide Web for more information.

We spend many hours gathering needed information; discussing your needs; designing our marketing flyers; doing direct mail advertising; researching property records; locating your survey pins; walking your property and capturing the best attributes of your land; loading and maintaining web site ads; networking with other brokers; property appraisers, inspectors, title companies, and other contact personnel; recruiting and working with buyers; contract preparation; supervising closing procedures; and keeping you updated.

We gather all the necessary legal descriptions, property information, what mineral ownership information is available, and other pertinent disclosures at the time of your listing. We provide this to our new buyers during the contract stage in stead of at the closing table. We believe that it is essential, especially in this area of methane gas development, to provide as many disclosures as needed and as accurately as possible.

When a potential buyer makes contact, we spend a lot of time listening to their wants and needs and because we are personally familiar with, and have walked all our listings we are able to match them up quickly and efficiently. Many of our properties are sold within a few short weeks of listing.

When you list your property with us you will have plenty of local and worldwide Internet exposure, as well as, direct marketing exposure, thus broadening the possibilities of a sale. We are also unusual in that we have a large network of co-operating brokers here in Southern Colorado, northern New Mexico, and parts of Texas. Many of whom have placed related links to our web sites on their own individual sites.

With Colorado Mountain your property can be viewed by anyone with Internet access via multiple links with these co-operating brokers, as well as on our own company site. In addition to our web sites, Broker links, and direct mail advertising, we also list your property with our local co-op service. This is similar to a MLS but is area specific and gives those Brokers/agents without Internet access similar information.

We have found that most Brokers only post one photo and a sentence or two when describing properties on their web sites, but we believe in the old adage: "A picture is worth a thousand words", which is why we post a minimum of ten photos of each property in addition to a detailed description. This way we can show and describe the "essence" of your property to a potential buyer. Our feeling is that no two properties are alike, so why market them that way. We also post plat maps, topo maps and whenever possible, a 3-D topo map generated from our mapping database. The more buyers see, the more they are drawn to a specific property.

Our primary marketing site is Here we attract buyers to our company for your properties. We were one of the first companies in Colorado to request our domain name to be the same as our trade name. This way anyone who sees one of our ads, signs, business cards, etc., will automatically know where to go on the internet to acquire more information. We are in the process of re-vamping this web site with an updated area "slide show", and more about our local community among other things. We want potential buyers to relax and spend time on our site thus increasing your property's exposure. Our goal is to attract quality, community oriented buyers that know, or are willing to learn, what care-taking mountain property is all about.
Your property exposure increases even more with our Broker's site at We designed his site for the usage of other brokers who either do not have a marketing web site of their own, or who wish to add our inventory to their marketing lists. On this site there is no contact information, nor does it state whose listing it is. This way any broker, virtually anywhere in the world can refer a potential buyer to this site without the fear of losing that customer to another broker. People who view this site must re-contact the referring broker for more details.

We have learned over the years, that what keeps brokers from marketing land and mountain properties is "fear". Fear of losing their customer to another broker; fear of getting lost trying to find mountain properties; fear of not knowing the property boundaries once they are there; fear of not knowing how to show a 35-40+ acre parcel; and fear of not knowing what needs to be disclosed to their buyer in relationship to rural, mountainous properties. Realizing this, we have taken our broker-networking site to the next level of efficiency to provide brokers the tools to overcome these fears. In addition to the obvious portion of this site we have added a "broker" page as well. This portion of the site is password protected so that only licensed brokers have access. Here they will find everything that they need to find, show, and sell your property with a few simple clicks of the mouse. We post the pertinent information here that other brokers need to properly represent your property including price, terms of sales, commission structure, status of property, mineral ownership, explicit instructions of how to find your property guaranteed to be accurate within 1/10 of a mile, and detailed showing instructions right down to where to park their vehicle and how to walk the property to show their customers the best access, building sites, views, etc.

Many brokers are now adding a direct link to to their web sites, which will give your property unparelleled exposure on the Internet. In today's world, if you do not have a strong Internet presence you are probably missing the boat. We find that the use of this site continually grows as we expand our broker network.

Our superior networking base is due partly to the fact that we pay a larger commission percentage to area broker referrals. When a broker outside of Colorado Mountain works directly with a buyer from contact to contract, shows the property, and writes an acceptable contract, we pay him/her a greater commission fee than most other companies do. These percentages are part of the contracted fees and are not in addition to. This brings more brokers willing to work with us, and helps market your property to many more buyers than we could possibly handle ourselves. We are leaders in alternative marketing, networking proficiency and innovation thus ensuring your satisfaction.

Our intent is to provide superior and professional service to all of our customers, and in so doing we contract for a rate that is slightly higher than the norm. This allows us to market your property as thoroughly as we do. Our contract rate is 1% to2% higher than the norm as we pay out higher commissions to co-operating and/or referring brokers than anyone else in our area. This makes our properties the #2 choice for other brokers after their own inventory because if they don't sell their own personal listing, they know in advance, they will make more money selling our inventory over anyone else's. The good news is the only way you pay this higher fee is if there is a cooperating brokerage involved in the sale of your property. If we procure a buyer and sell our own listings our rates are the same as the industry standard for that type of property. This is one of the reasons that our market time is customarily shorter than that of our competitors. All this is covered extensively at the time you list your property with us.

Be assured that from the time you contact us about listing your property until the time of closing, and often beyond that, we stay in contact with you either through phone calls, letters, e-mail, or fax to keep you informed of the progress of your land. We are here to serve your needs and generate a worthy sale for you. If your property lies outside of our immediate marketing area we will assist you in locating a reputable broker to handle your needs. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our services, we will gladly cancel any listing agreements that you may have with our company, (as long as there are no sale contracts pending). So what do you have to lose?

If you are looking for a brokerage that will do more than simply place a sign and wait for a customer to walk through the door then you've come to the right spot. Listing your property with Colorado Mountain, an innovative marketing company with a heart, may be your path to a new dimension of real estate endeavors. Your parcel may just be another person's dream come true. Why not pass along the care taking of your land to someone else right now? Give us a call today at 719-846-0359.