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Mission Statement
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Colorado Mountain Spirit is a real estate marketing company that is on a "higher level of consciousness". We are dedicated to the betterment of all, and establishing spiritually based communities here in the beautiful mountains of Southern Colorado. It is our intention to work with "like-minded and like-hearted" individuals who understand, or are searching for, their purpose in life and who wish to live close our precious "Mother Earth".

If you have a calling, or just feel "drawn" to Colorado, rest peacefully in knowing that we are here to listen to your needs and to ask Spirit for guidance in helping you find your dream mountain property. We are merely here to assist you in your quest. If Spirit guides you here and we are able to match you to a mountain property that sings to your heart and brings you joy, we will assist you throughout the purchasing process, and be here for you as community and extended family for many years to come. Our mission statement to you, our future neighbors and community members is as follows:

"We are devoted to treating everyone with equality, integrity and the utmost professionalism. Our purpose in life is to help those who have a calling to relocate to our area, and to accomplish their goals by working together to locate, finance, and secure their dream property. We are a company based on working from the heart at all times and in all circumstances. We believe that Creator has put us here for a reason and that people are attracted to an area, and to one another, for a reason as well. It is our honor and blessing to work with you in your endeavor."